Mia’s sentimental garden held close to the heart

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Every garden tells a story, and for Mia Dawson it’s all about the appreciation of family, friends and the ability to get creative in her outdoor space.

Moving into her Thabeban property from the Gold Coast in 2014 presented her with the perfect blank canvas to dig in to.

“The property was very well looked after, it had beautiful timber fencing and a fruit orchard with irrigation, not much else,” Mia said.

“I visit nurseries frequently and have picked up plants that are in season at different times of the year instead of planting all at once, my goal is to enjoy the garden all year round.

“The garden has evolved along with our life challenges and celebrations.”

Mia said the very first tree she planted was a Jacaranda for her mother, who was the reason for her passion to grow and create.

“She is 81 and lives back in my homeland of Sweden,” she said.

“My mum loved visiting Australia, she was in particular fascinated by the blooming Jacaranda trees, so it was wonderful to have the space to plant a tree for her.”

Mia said after her daughter Molly was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2019 the pair relocated to the Leukemia Foundation in Brisbane for treatment.

When Molly felt well enough, they would visit Southbank, have a meal and stroll around the gardens.

“At the time the Bougainvillea was in bloom all along the riverbank, once again, just like in my childhood, the beauty of nature gave me power and strength to keep going,” Mia said.  

“When back from treatment I planted my Bougainvillea, they have bloomed nearly every day since.

“They are for Molly and a symbol of her beauty and resilience.”

The green thumb said she never had a plan when creating her garden, it had been sculpted by passion and creativity.

“Every plant has ended up in my garden on an emotional decision at the time,” she said.

“I buy from local growers and home enthusiasts.

“Instead of buying shoes online I purchase plants, seeds and trees.

“My family shake their heads, ‘Another tree mum, really?’”

Mia said she had been growing plants her entire life.

Even her teenage room back in Sweden featured an array of pot plants.

“If young me only knew I would have my own paradise now, those little struggling plants are giant trees in Australia!” she said.

“It has been years of hard work to get us here, I could happily retire just strolling around my garden now!”

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