In Our Garage: Sheree Bulbert's 2019 Ford Mustang

Sheree Bulbert is a self-proclaimed “Ford girl” and loves everything about her pride and joy Mustang GT.

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Q. Tell us about your car:

A. I have a 2019 Ford Mustang GT.

I've had it since February this year, so not very long at all.

It's second-hand.

I spent about a month looking for a mustang and just trying to work out the right colour.

There's many different colours and you can do so much with them and there's lots of striping and accessories.

I spent a good month looking online and found this one down in Adelaide.

It was in the right price range, for the right age so I just jumped on it and got it shipped up.

Q. Why did you want a Ford Mustang?

A. I'm a Ford girl from always.

My dad had lots of cars, and he's a Ford man.

I do like the old muscle cars, to be honest, the 1970's style Fords.

But even just to get a replica model there, they're getting really expensive, and I don't have the garage space or the time to work on something my own.

The Mustangs are obviously an iconic muscle car from way back, so that's where we started.

I like this shape, I like their style, I like their history.

The 1970 1xy Falcons are my favourite and we had them for our wedding cars.

Q. What do you love about this car and what made it a stand out for you?

A. I like its rear end.

There's just something about the back end of it.

It's just so sleek and sexy and muscly, it's unique.

It's not plain white, I like that.

It's got a bit of character already on it, it's got the C stripes, it's got the black spoiler on it.

The decals on the mustang on the front is black and not silver.

I just find it's a very unique car.

Q. Do you get a lot of attention driving the car?

A. The attention is still something that I'm trying to get used to but I do love everyone's reactions from little kids through to the older generation who appreciate the mustang history, it's exciting.

You pull up next to someone and they don't expect to see a female in the driver's seat but I've got my name on the personalised plate, so hopefully that will give it away.

You should not get your dream car just because you're not a guy.

If you're interested and you've got a love for it or a passion for it, just go and get it and have fun with it.

I don't hide it away in the garage, it’s my daily drive.

I like driving it to work, I drive my kids to school every day, I’m proud and I love it.

There is a Ford Mustang Club for FN & FM models of Mustangs, which are the new models.

So when I get the free time I'll be looking forward to going out with them all.

Q. What engine is in the car and how does it sound?

A. It is a five litre V8 engine, ten speed automatic, 339 kilowatts, it's got a bit of kick under there.

It is not that old V8 engine sounds, it's got a deep rumble.

The vehicle itself has different modes.

You can change the sound of the exhaust from quiet to normal to sport to racetrack.

I would love to have the opportunity to take it to a racetrack and try out all the different modes in the car.

There is suspension, steering modes and all that sort of thing.

It'd be a good opportunity.

If the girls want to get out there, get into their dream cars and just give the boys a run for their money - let's do it.

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