In Our Garage with Terrie Maher’s FPV GT BF Mk2

Terrie Maher followed in her mum and dad’s footsteps when she bought her very own Ford GT in 2013.

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Tell us about your GT?

This is my FPV GT BF Mk2 2006 model. It's in good condition, it's just amazing inside.

It's just like it's new, it even smells like it's new.

I have a lot of people comment about that. I've had it since 2013.

Have you always had Fords?

I learnt to drive in a Holden, but I was always a Ford girl.

My family, my mum and dad were Ford people.

They had a couple of GTs over their lives too and yeah, I always said I'm going to get one one day and I did.

What modifications have you made?

It's a 290, they come out standard 290 Boss.

Factory made they come out with a 302 in it.

It's a six speed automatic.

The muffler has an upgrade on it. It makes it louder, the extractors on it and just the tyres are all standard 19 inch mags.

What makes it so unique?

The colour of it, it's octane.

A lot of people call it orange just to stir me up, and I go, no, it's octane!

The interior is all leather and it's all black and the dashboard is all made out of leather too.

So, yeah, it's just beautiful to be in.

Every time my kids get in it I go, “don't put your feet on the mat”.

It's my baby.

What do you love about driving it?

With my personalised number plates people always think there's a male driving it because it's "Tez".

When they come up beside me and go, “that's a female driving that".

I've actually had people pull me over at a service station, follow me in and go, “wow, I love your husband's car!”

I go, “no, that's not my husband's, it's my car!”.

I love driving it. It just makes you smile all the time.

People look at you everywhere you go and you think, what are you looking at? And then you realise, oh, because I'm in a GT!

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