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Bundaberg's bright bio-hydrogen future is dawning

The region’s emerging bio-hydrogen industry is drawing national and international interest after a recent industry-led networking event sharing details about the Bundaberg bioHub.

Innovation showcased at Bioeconomy Bundaberg

Discovering how pig effluent managed to power a 16,000 head piggery was one of the highlights on day two of Bioeconomy Bundaberg 2020.

Bioeconomy shapes Bundaberg's future

Bundaberg’s inaugural Bioeconomy conference explored opportunities for the region to become a national leader in the Australian bioenergy market.

Bundaberg bioHub industrial park open for business

The Bundaberg bioHub industrial park is now taking expressions of interest from prospective bioenergy, food and fertiliser industry tenants.

Bundaberg bioHub nears completion

The Bundaberg bioHub is nearing completion and will be producing biogas in 2021, converting waste to energy on the site of a former wastewater treatment plant.

Bundaberg to host first bioeconomy conference

Bioindustry experts from across Australia will attend Bundaberg's first bioeconomy conference to examine opportunities to develop the sector.

Bundaberg bioHub one step closer

Bundaberg is poised to become a premier biogas centre with news that Utilitas has obtained investment to proceed with a planned bioHub.

USC study aims to use logging waste for bioenergy

Pine plantations from Gympie to Bundaberg will be at the centre of research to turn logging offcuts and treetops into bioenergy and other bio-based products.

Bundaberg bioenergy plant a catalyst for growth

A bioenergy plant and electric vehicle charging station will be established in Bundaberg with potential to power Council's waste-recovery trucks.

Expert says Bundaberg has biofuel potential

A biofuels expert has briefed Council on the future potential for a biofuel industry in the Bundaberg Region.

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