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Kookaburra at home in termite nest

A kookaburra was captured on film at Childers this week swapping its bird nest for a termite nest in a tree.

More room for emus after zoo upgrade

Upgrades are under way at Alexandra Park Zoo to modify the emu enclosure which will give the large, flightless birds more space to roam.

Mowing schedule changed to protect Rainbow Bee-eater

The coastal mowing schedule has been modified in recent months as Council staff accommodate Rainbow Bee-eater nesting sites to protect the birds and their young.

Council workers save plover chick

An Avoca resident has thanked Bundaberg Regional Council workers who saved a plover chick from a drainage pit.

Twitchers flock to Aussie Backyard Bird Count

More than 22,000 feathered friends were spotted throughout the Bundaberg Region last week as residents took part in the Aussie Backyard Bird Count.

Indian Myna: ‘Cane toad of the sky’

“The cane toad of the sky” is how experienced Indian Myna trapper Eric Lester describes the pest bird which plagues the Bundaberg Region.

Childers seniors enjoy an outing in the rain

Raincoats and umbrellas were unusual but required accessories for the latest outing of the Childers members of the Australian Pensioners and Superannuant’s League Queensland (APSLQ).

Dr Mays Island closed to public

Elliott Heads visitors and residents are reminded that Dr Mays Island is now closed to protect nesting and migratory shorebirds.

Magpie warning as spring swooping begins

Magpie swooping season is just around the corner and already an angry bird has been captured assaulting a police officer.

Bird watchers flock to Burnett Heads for research

A flock of local bird enthusiasts gathered at Burnett Heads on Sunday to spy some of the world's greatest intercontinental travellers.

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