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Bird watchers flock to Burnett Heads for research

A flock of local bird enthusiasts gathered at Burnett Heads on Sunday to spy some of the world's greatest intercontinental travellers.

Bird breeding season at Botanic Gardens

The new year brings an abundance of new birdlife at the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens and despite the drought, this year is no exception.

Birdlife Bundaberg needs more twitchers

Birdlife Bundaberg member Nev Capell took part in the Trevor Quested Memorial Twitch Bird List event on 26-27 October and compiled a list of 195 bird species spotted in the area.

Kevin's canaries bring out a passion for life

Kevin Hick has never looked back on his decision to quit smoking eight years ago and it's all thanks to some tiny birds that have not only taken up his spare time, but also his heart.

Anti-magpie helmet startup pitch

An anti-magpie helmet will be one of the ideas pitched at Techstars Startup Weekend Bundaberg later this week.

Earlier start to magpie swooping season

It's that time of year when Bundaberg Region bike riders and pedestrians anxiously try to avoid swooping magpies.

Council rangers rescue injured tawny frogmouth

Bundaberg Regional Council rangers were on hand to provide assistance when a member of the community came across an injured tawny frogmouth in Bargara.

Little Eagle chick tracked from Canberra to Bundaberg

Canberra researchers were stunned when a Little Eagle they were tracking flew to Bundaberg and down to South Australia and Victoria.

Meet Bundaberg's parrot expert John Kluth

Meet Bundaberg parrot expert John Kluth. He's currently breeding African Grey Parrots, the most intelligent bird in the world.

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