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Mon Repos turtles inspire Ruby to create wearable art

A trip to Mon Repos has led to a business opportunity for Brisbane teenager Ruby Herrenberg.

Kookaburra shares special moment with turtles

A morning walk at Mon Repos Beach became a triple treat for a Bundaberg couple today when they saw a loggerhead turtle, hatchlings and a kookaburra in one magical scene.

Why did the turtle cross the road?

Last night's rain was enjoyed by all locals including a Krefft’s turtle at the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens which went for an evening walk.

Partners working to cut urban glow and protect turtles

A network of sensors that measure light pollution will soon dot the Bundaberg Region coastline as part of a cooperative strategy to protect nesting turtles.

New Mon Repos Turtle Centre taking shape

A unique and modern structure is emerging on the construction site for the new Mon Repos Turtle Centre.

Mon Repos Turtle Centre features in national podcast

Award-winning journalist Nance Haxton visited Mon Repos Turtle Centre recently and spoke to ranger in charge, Cathy Gatley.

Marine park conservation zones could be extended

Turtle protection areas along the Bundaberg Region coastline could be extended and a conservation zone established at Moore Park Beach under a review of...

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