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Letters of kindness from St Mary's students

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St Mary’s Catholic Primary School students, Lincoln, Ruby, Cooper and Claris with their messages of support for surrounding neighbours.

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School brought personal messages of kindness to their neighbourhood on Thursday, to celebrate Catholic Education Week.

Grade 1 students embarked on a walk around their neighbourhood dropping letters that featured personal messages of support and kindness into neighbours’ mailboxes.

Grade 1 student Claris said she drew a picture of the school’s garden in her letter.

“We did pictures and writing about things that we love about school, so I drew a garden, because our garden’s lovely,” said Claris.

St Mary's Catholic Primary School Grade 1 student, Claris drew a picture of the school’s garden in her letter.

The year 1 classes at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School undertook the walk as part of the school's Act of Kindness program, which teaches students about the value of community and the values of Jesus.

Though, the walk was also an educational exercise with students using geography to undertake a treasure hunt that had them searching for a cute dog, a red dog and a tall tree.

Grade one teacher, Regan Russell said the students had all written lovely messages of kindness and that this was the school’s first outing since COVID restrictions.

“Usually we go on quite a few excursions, but because of COVID we haven’t been able to take them so they’ve been really looking forward to getting out and about,” Regan said.

“This week we're actually celebrating Catholic Education Week and every year each class likes to do a random act of kindness, so we came up with the idea to check in with the community and let them know we’re thinking of them.”

“We’ve got some really cute letters about what the students like about St Mary’s and they're saying that ‘we love that we’re kind to each other’ and that ‘we have beautiful friends,’ so it’s been really nice to see what they love about their school too.”

Because of COVID restrictions Regan said it was more poignant than ever for the school's acts of kindness program to be undertaken.  

“We Just wanted to reach out this year and let our surrounding neighbours know about what we love about our school, but also that we’re thinking about them and that they are part of our school community.”


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