28.1 C
Sunday, November 17, 2019

Winter solstice marks shortest day of the year

This Saturday will mark the shortest day of the year due to the annual Winter Solstice and will be 10 hours, 35 minutes and 28 seconds at Bundaberg.

Cooler morning signals season change

The Bundaberg Region had its coolest morning of the year so far after light rain over the past couple of days signalled a change in the season.

March 2019 weather drier and warmer than usual

It will come as no surprise to residents of the Bundaberg Region but March 2019 was drier and warmer than usual.

Gin Gin tops regional rainfall total with 15mm

Showers and possible storms are expected to continue until Monday, according to the latest forecast from the weather bureau.

Bargara tops regional rainfall totals with 33mm

Bargara has received 33mm of rain since 9am Wednesday but falls have generally been lighter in other parts of the Bundaberg Region.

Wednesday forecast updated to predict ‘rain at times’

The weather bureau updated its rainfall outlook this morning to forecast 5-10mm for Bundaberg on Wednesday and 6-15mm on Thursday.

Patchy weekend rain across Bundaberg Region

Welcome rain fell across most of the region on the weekend but Bundaberg and Moore Park Beach missed out compared with other places.

Welcome rain but more needed

Some areas of the Bundaberg Region have received welcome rainfall but overall it's been patchy.

Heavy showers bring welcome rain

Some heavy showers have delivered much-needed rain across parts of the Bundaberg Region.

Bundaberg summer drier and hotter than usual

Every month of the recently completed summer was hotter and drier than average, with Bundaberg receiving less than one third of its usual summer rain.