Affectionate Smokey looking for a new home

Smokey is a and happy and affectionate older gentleman waiting at RSPCA Bundaberg to find his forever home.

How to: find a park in the region

Bundaberg Regional Council's Park Finder tool is an easy way to find parks across the region.

Lincoln looking for a new home

Lincoln would make a great addition to any family and is waiting at Red Collar Rescue to find his new home.

How to: find free school holiday activities

Bundaberg Regional Council is offering a range of free school holiday activities to help families keep the kids entertained these holidays.

Sassi Too looking for a new home

Sassi Too is a distinguished lady waiting at RSPCA Bundaberg for a home where she can enjoy a quiet and relaxing retirement.

How to: help our shorebird population

Did you know thousands of shorebirds use the Bundaberg Region’s coastline each year to feed, roost and breed?

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