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Chickens available for adoption at RSPCA

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Check out these charming chickens available for adoption at Bundaberg RSPCA.

The Bundaberg RSPCA has chickens looking for their forever homes.

On Friday there were nearly a dozen chooks available for adoption with breeds comprising Leghorns, Isa Browns and Bantams.

Adopt one or adopt them all and start your own chicken farm.

There are roosters and hens so you’ll have eggs from day one.

And with name like Count Cluckula and Brooster the Rooster you just know they have the attitude and character to match.

Both County Cluckula and Brooster arrived in the shelter with their nine other chicken friends, Hennie, Pennie, Harriet, Myrtle, Buck Beak and Beaker.

Together they make one happy family and are now ready and waiting to find their next chook aviary to scratch around in.

If you’ve ever watched Chicken Run you’ll know that chickens are social creatures and as such love to be in groups so if you already have chicken then perhaps it’s time to add some more.

A secure, snake and dog-proof chook enclosure with other chickens is a must to keep them safe and will have to be sighted before any adoption goes forward.

These feathered fellas love all kinds of scraps and a good-quality chook mix, and are not suitable for in-town living.

Go and see these charismatic chickens and you just might end up going home with more than one.

Adoption prices are $20 for each chicken.

To view all chickens available for adoption click here.

Bundaberg RSPCA

Address: 31 Doblo Street, Bundaberg

Phone 07 4155 1736, email bundaberg@rspcaqld.org.au

Opening hours: 10am to 5pm (Wednesday to Saturday), 10am to 2pm (Sunday), Monday and Tuesday (closed).