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Light up Longview set to light up the night

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For the second year in a row, Lights on Longview will be bringing the festive cheer with more than 7,000 individual lights

For the second year in a row, Lights on Longview will be bringing the festive cheer with more than 7000 individual lights put together to create an incredible programmed light show.

Local resident Adam Vollmer has spent the past six months putting together the light show that sits upon the front lawn of his Longview Street residence.

The display is different to any other, with each light individually sequenced to music which can be listened to by tuning into 88.4FM, with visitors also provided the opportunity to select the next song through the website.

“I had seen Christmas light displays like this all around America and thought that it was definitely a unique way to decorate the house,” Adam said.

“We started last year, with 2400 lights and this year we have a total of 7500.

“I have put each of the individual pixels together as you have to push every single pixel into the clips, wire it all and make the boxes.”

The different props that fill the front yard of the property have each been handmade by Adam, with every detail thoroughly thought through.

“Every prop is handmade and then covered with the intelligent RGB pixels which are individually controlled by computer,” he said.

“This means that they can be turned a different colour at any given point, all being controlled by a program.

“I am self-taught having watched a number of YouTube videos and read up on different things in forum groups so it has taken about six months to set this all up.”

Adam said there were 12 different songs that the lights had been sequenced too and he was looking to add more songs to the list as Christmas approached.

“There are 12 different sequences at the moment, but I do add to this as we are going throughout the month,” Adam said.

“At the moment there is about 42 minutes in total of entertainment by the time you get through each song on the list.”

You can find out more about Light up Longivew on Facebook.

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