Strategic approach to roads and stormwater drainage

A more than $33 million investment in the region’s pathways, roads and stormwater drainage network has been led by new strategies which ensure the greatest benefit and value for money.

Kendall Flat redesign earmarked in budget plans

The design of stage one and two of the Kendall Flat Enhancement Plan is set to kick off, transforming the grounds into a hub for cricket and AFL.

Park works planned for enjoyment of community

Parks and open spaces in the region will continue to flourish with plans for upgrades and refurbishments to be implemented through the 2021-22 budget.

Treatment plant upgrades deliver improved water quality

Water quality in Woodgate, Childers and the region’s coastal areas will greatly improve when the Gregory River and Kalkie Water Treatment Plants commence operations.

Sustainable waste practices highlighted in budget

A focus on recycling and best practice initiatives which benefit the environment continue to be a focus for Bundaberg Regional Council’s waste services in its 2021-22 budget.

Budget sets stage for future Moncrieff performances

Moncrieff Entertainment Centre lighting and audio upgrades are part of Bundaberg Regional Council’s 2021-22 budget which delivers a continued commitment to high quality performances and events.

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