Fact-checking policy

We care about being clear, precise and accurate with words, headlines, captions and URLs.

Bundaberg Now writers are always expected to verify the information they gather and write.

This includes identifying information such as names, locations, factual statements and accounts related to the content.

Writers do their own fact-checking using their own judgement.

We check the information with all related parties before publishing it online.

Other members of the editorial team may review content before publication. We are committed to transparency of sources, transparency of funding, and being open to reasonable criticism and corrections.

If we receive a claim regarding fact-checking on our website, we contact the source of the claim for supporting information. We also seek to validate the claim from our own resources and with other parties who may have relevant knowledge.

If any material on our website is found to be incorrect we undertake to remove the inaccurate information and publish the correct facts immediately.