Dust and smoke blanket Bundaberg Region

Raised dust is making its way across the Bundaberg Region as a high pressure system from southern Australia pushes cooler, dry air across Queensland.

Bundaberg nudges September heat record

If you thought today was warm, you're right. Bundaberg came within a degree of recording its hottest ever September day.

Icy blast pushes north to Bundaberg

The Bundaberg Region could have its coldest morning of the year on Monday or Tuesday as an icy blast pushes up from the deep south.

Winter solstice marks shortest day of the year

This Saturday will mark the shortest day of the year due to the annual Winter Solstice and will be 10 hours, 35 minutes and 28 seconds at Bundaberg.

Cooler morning signals season change

The Bundaberg Region had its coolest morning of the year so far after light rain over the past couple of days signalled a change in the season.

March 2019 weather drier and warmer than usual

It will come as no surprise to residents of the Bundaberg Region but March 2019 was drier and warmer than usual.

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