A deep dive into the new Bundaberg Regional Aquatic Facility

The Bundaberg Regional Aquatic Facility will provide state-of-the-art and year-round training, learn to swim and remedial facilities to benefit every community member young and old.

The new facility has immense potential to boost economic, social and health outcomes for the entire community.

Its construction was officially announced earlier this year when both Bundaberg Regional Council and the State Government committed funding to what has been described as a generational project.

During the announcement Council committed to the delivery of all stages of the Bundaberg Regional Aquatic Facility by 2024.

Located close to the CBD on Walker Street, the aquatic facility will be strategically positioned adjacent to the Multiplex in what is set to become the region’s heart of sport and recreation.

The new complex will have increased accessibility through its amenities, which will feature an adult accessible changing table.

Access to the pools has also been considered, with all pools featuring a ramp and the two competition pools to be fitted with lifts.

Community consultation is now underway and detailed designs are not yet finalised, but so far, here’s what your new aquatic facility will include:

FINA standard Olympic pool

The 50m pool will be international competition (FINA) standard, providing state-of-the-art training facilities for the region’s elite and up-and-coming athletes.

At 25m wide and 2m deep for the entire length of the pool, it will be exactly the same standard and dimensions of the ones athletes swim in at the Olympics!

To accommodate and attract more regional, national and even international competitions to the region, this pool will be designed with appropriate judging, timing and marshalling facilities.

Elevated grandstand seating will be available along one length of the pool, allowing spectators to overlook events. The other side will include ground-based seating as well as space for school swim carnivals and events.

Covered, but not enclosed, the shade structure will feature skylights along the length of the pool which will be strategically located to ensure they don’t impact on swimmer visibility.

A landscaped area just outside of the shade structure will be designed to accommodate a ‘marquee village’, allowing school groups or swim clubs to congregate when the pool is operating in competition mode. 

Featuring 10 lanes, the pool will also have a large digital scoreboard incorporated into the design.

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Pool hall

Indoor lap pool

This pool will be located within a fully enclosed ‘pool hall’ and will be 25m long, eight lanes wide and will be heated to 28 degrees.

Its depth ranges from 1.2m to 1.8m deep

The pool can be fully enclosed to allow it to be used in all weather and skylights will enhance natural daylight into the hall.

The pool hall will feature large doors allowing it to be opened to natural ventilation when weather permits.

This pool will be available for aqua aerobics, learn to swim and school-based swim programs.

Heated program and learn to swim pool

Also located within the pool hall, this warm water program pool can accommodate activities such as learn to swim, aqua aerobics and water-based physiotherapy.

The depth of the pool, which is 25m in length, will be from 90 cm to 140 cm and it will be accessible by ramp.

Slightly warmer than the other two pools at 32 degrees and with a small area with ‘bubbles’ the remedial benefits of the pool are maximised.

A full suite of amenities including shower, change and toilet facilities will be incorporated into the pool hall, in addition to the central facilities which are jointly accessible by the hall and 50m pool.


The Bundaberg Regional Aquatic Facility will be accessible via Pyefinch Boulevard, in addition to access through a service road with drop off function.

A landscaped forecourt area will be separated from the drop off area with bollards, providing a welcoming and attractive first impression.

The pool entry will be located to the right of the entrance area while the café will be immediately accessible from the left.


A café which is centralised to all of the aquatic facility’s activity areas will value-add to the complex.

The café will feature an external seating area which means customers do not also need to be pool users.

From inside the café, customers can still view the swimming areas. Internally, the café is accessible from directly in front of the 50m competition pool.

Central courtyard

 A central courtyard will provide open space and a communal area for recreation and social gathering outside of the pools.

 This area will feature landscaping that offers natural shade and ‘dry’ play equipment which will add to the recreational opportunities available.

 Areas for grassed spectator seating will be provided.

Multipurpose rooms for hire

 Several multipurpose and hire rooms are included which will allow sports groups and community organisations to undertake out of pool activities.

 These rooms will support class-based training which may be associated with the pool such as CPR and life guard qualifications.

 They will also be available for hire by physical trainers or sports groups who undertake cross training, coach debriefs or general instructional training.  

Environmental credentials

Through the use of modern technology, the new Bundaberg Regional Aquatic Facility will offer marked improvements in energy consumption in comparison to existing, aging public pools.

The extensive roof space will include a large solar array, which can be used to offset the power consumption of the pumps and water heating system.

A hybrid heating system will be included which will allow solar to power heat pumps during the lower demand summer periods, while natural gas boilers are available to service higher demand periods over winter.

This system will also allow the facility to take advantage of future technology improvements in either system.

The roof has been designed to capture rainwater which will be stored onsite and, following appropriate treatment, will be used in the pools.