Creatures take comfort in Sasha’s tranquil garden

Like a scene from a Disney film, Sasha Job’s garden boasts a range of flora and fauna which she always welcomes with open arms.

An array of wildlife inhabits the outdoor space including, birds, bees, butterflies, frogs and kangaroos.

“I love that they choose our home as theirs,” Sasha said.

“I also love seeing our kids and friends enjoy our garden to relax and play. “

When the Job family moved into their vacant one acre block, each section of the garden was developed to serve a different purpose.

“We created zones for us to relax, play and entertain whilst encouraging native wildlife,” Sasha said.

“We envisioned a backyard that blended tropical and native plants, that allowed us to produce lots of goodies to eat and share.”

The zoned establishment of the garden helps to keep it manageable, according to Sasha, who said it was a great way to find out what grows without attention.

“As beautiful as our garden is it thrives on neglect and tough conditions due to careful planning,” Sasha said.

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“We have zones such as the fruit orchard, fire pit area, chicken and duck coop, tropical and native gardens, play area which has gardens that surround a trampoline for the kids.

“I also have my zen zone which is my hanging chair on a deck that is hidden in some more established plants with my native beehive.”

Many challenges were faced to create a thriving garden, including water, clay and direct sunlight.

“We don’t have town water so we rely on rain for our tanks,” Sasha said.

“There is also a lot of clay in our dirt so if we get heavy or persistent rain some of our plants rot out.

“All the blocks around us were cleared like ours, we have to plan for full sun all day as we don’t have many established trees to create shade from the sun.”

Sasha said those challenges, however, were all worth the end result in having a beautiful garden to enjoy.

“Every time I go into my garden it reminds me to slow down, be present in the moment and believe in tomorrow.”

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