Dianne’s plant collection radiant year round

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Dianne Rossow’s floral oasis blooms bright in her East Bundaberg home, with her collection of indoor and outdoor plants reaching the thousands and thriving in her care.

Her sizeable collection is found in a fern house and undercover patio, in addition to her a garden which wraps around the entire house.

“We have lived here for 14 years, and it has taken all that time living here to get to where my garden is now,” Dianne said.

“I have gradually added different plants as I see them in the nurseries.”

When they moved into the house, there were garden beds in place but Dianne said nothing was planted in a suitable place for growing.

She was then eager to get some colour in the garden using a variety of different plants.

Not facing any challenges has been a blessing for Dianne. 

“Most plants seem to thrive both in gardens and pots so I can just go with the flow and plant anything I fancy,” she said.

“I just love lots of colour either in flowers or the plants themselves.”

Dianne said she spent every day in her garden, which gave her the opportunity to escape reality.

“I would recommend gardening to everyone, whether it be in a small or large space,” she said.

“You may really surprise yourself. 

“To see your plants grow is encouraging and therapy to help us through these changed times.”

The avid gardener said it was very special when her fern house was built a few years ago, becoming home to a wide variety of indoor plant species.

When walking around her garden Dianne said something was always in flower, with her favourite currently being caladiums.

“At the moment the caladiums are making a very special show, just wish they were up all year round,” she said.

“My garden is my therapy, I just spend all day out there pottering around,” she said.

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