Doug’s front garden will brighten your day

Four years ago Doug Punchy caught the gardening bug and decided to bring his yard to life through the use of flowers, hearty foliage plants and native animal sculptures.

When Doug first moved into his property there was nothing but a few trees and shrubs, so he spent his time beautifying the front yard for everyone to enjoy.

“Once I put in the first section of the garden, I began to picture what I wanted it to look like,” Doug said.

 “The garden has continued to develop greatly over the years.

“I think it looks good for Bundaberg, especially when people come into town and drive passed and it also compliments the neighbours who have a really nice garden.”

The green thumb said the style of his garden is Australian tropical, which had been achieved by adding realistic, native animal ornaments as a feature throughout. 

“I love spending time in my garden, just looking at the plants and animals and picturing what project I can start next,” Doug said.

“I’ve recently added a water feature to attract birds and frogs.”

To overcome the poor soil quality, Doug said he had found a solution in planting in pots.

“There is a lot of sand, especially around the palms here,” he said.

“The roots go everywhere, so you've got to put as much in pots as you can.”

Doug has proven a garden doesn’t have to be high maintenance to be attractive by choosing plants like bromeliaeds and succulents that don’t require a lot of water to thrive.

Doug is far from finished though, and he said he wanted to have plants all along the fence and fill every gap with colour.

“I think everyone should have a bit of colour in their yards, get out amongst it and brighten up your life,” he said.

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