Explore our region: Avondale Reserve

Enjoy a walk through towering Eucalypt trees and open scrub at Avondale Reserve.

Located in the southern portion of C.R. Mikkelsen Park, Avondale Reserve is a peaceful natural area of typical Australian bushland.

The northern end of the reserve features a grassy area perfect for a bush picnic and providing glimpses of the Kolan River.

A 640 m track runs through the reserve, giving visitors the opportunity to experience the canopy of large Eucalypt trees such as Spotted Gums, Corymbia citriodora, Narrow-leaved Ironbark, Eucalyptus crebraand and White Mahogany, Eucalyptus acmenoides.

The understorey features several grasses including Kangaroo Grass, Themeda triandra, Grass Trees, Xanthorrhoea and shrubs such as Dogwood, Jacksonia scoparia.

The reserve also contains pockets of thick vine forest scrub in a series of short, steep gullies that lead to the river.

As visitors walk along the track they can listen for birds calling in the trees and spot them flying overhead or in the undergrowth.

Several species of birds have been recorded in the reserve including the Varied Triller and Spangled Drongo.


Where: Carrington Road, Avondale.

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