Explore our region: Baldwin Swamp Environmental Park

Located close to the centre of Bundaberg is the beautiful freshwater wetlands and rainforest of Baldwin Swamp Environmental Park.

Comprised of open Eucalypt forest, Woongarra Scrub and natural wetlands, Baldwin Swamp Environmental Park is an important habitat for waterbirds and other wildlife.

With several entry points and a network of walking tracks, boardwalks and bridges, there are many ways to explore Baldwin Swamp Environmental Park.

An ideal starting point is at the western end of the park at Lake Ellen where there is a children’s playground, toilets, picnic tables and barbeques at the popular Lake Ellen Heritage Hub Park.

Park visitors can also enter from Steindl St near the Shelter Shed, where there is a large map showing all the walking tracks.

Baldwin Swamp Environmental Park provides an ideal habitat for many species of native water birds to feed, roost and breed.

Look out for large colonies of waterbirds such as Magpie Geese and Whistling Ducks.

Lucky visitors may spot seasonal visitors such as Cotton Pygmy Geese or the leaf walking Comb-crested Jacana.

Visitors are encouraged to take time to observe the habits of these wild birds while maintaining a respectful distance, always keeping dogs on leash and not feeding the birds.

A specially designed fishway was constructed within Baldwin Swamp Environmental Park to simulate a naturally flowing creek.

The fishway allows several species of native fish to travel from the salty Burnett River estuary upstream to the freshwater environment, which is essential to complete their breeding cycle.

The swamp is part of a floodway and care should be taken during wet weather as a large catchment area is channelled through the wetlands.

Supervise children closely, particularly near the water, and stay on the walking tracks to help prevent soil erosion.

As an important area for ecological conservation, all plants and animals in the park are protected.

Dogs on leash are welcome, please remember to pick up after your dog for the enjoyment of all park visitors.

Where: car park available on Steindl St or George St, East Bundaberg

Find out more about Baldwin Swamp Environmental Park, and other parks around the region, through Bundaberg Regional Council's park finder.

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