Explore our region: Meadowvale Environmental Reserve

Meadowvale Environmental Reserve is an area of natural bushland next to Splitters Creek, around 10 km north of the Bundaberg CBD.

The beauty of Meadowvale will refresh and invigorate visitors as they walk the sandy soil tracks through groves of twisted Paperbarks, under towering Eucalypts and past elegant grass trees.

There are two short walks, 1 km and 1.7 km in length respectively, both leading to Splitters Creek where visitors can look out over the water.

Meadowvale Environmental Reserve is 63 hectares of relatively untouched vegetation, including open eucalypt forest, riparian vegetation, patches of rainforest and Wallum heath.

Over 125 botanical species have been recorded in the Reserve, including herbs, creepers, shrubs, sedges, native grasses and orchids.

At certain times of the year, masses of wildflowers bloom, providing a burst of colour throughout the understory.

Listen for the calls of native bird species including Friarbirds, Lorikeets and the Olive-backed Oriole.

For quiet and patient visitors, especially at dawn and dusk, the mirror-like surface of Splitters Creek may be rippled by the movement of the famously shy Platypus, Ornithorhynchus anatinus.

The distinctive Queensland Lung Fish, Neoceratodus forsteri has been seen in Splitters Creek, and the area is considered to be a potential nesting environment for the vulnerable White-throated Snapping Turtle, Elseya albagula.

Meadowvale Environmental Reserve’s picnic area includes picnic tables, toilet facilities and parking.

As all plants and animals in the nature park are protected, dogs and domestic animals are not permitted.

Fires and collecting firewood are not permitted.

For their own safety and to help prevent soil erosion, park visitors are required to stay on the walking track.

Supervise children closely, particularly near the water.

Exercise care along the walking track as some sections may be uneven, wear sturdy footwear, suitable clothing and insect repellent.

Where: Rosedale Rd, Meadowvale.

Find out more about Meadowvale Environmental Reserve, and other parks around the region, through Bundaberg Regional Council's park finder.

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