Explore our region: Riverview Environmental Reserve

Stretching alongside the Elliott River is the coastal bushland of Riverview Environmental Reserve.

Comprising natural bush, mangroves and tidal flats, Riverview Environmental Reserve is a great place to listen to the sounds of wildlife while strolling the almost 1.5 km of walking tracks.

The 1.2 km return River Walk extends along a sandy track that offers frequent glimpses of the sparkling waters of the Elliott River.

It is a great place to keep an eye out for osprey and white-bellied sea eagles which love to fish in the river and nest in the tall trees.

Branching off from the River Walk are two inland routes that take visitors further into the reserve.

The Bloodwood Circuit is a shaded 820 m walk along grassy and sandy tracks under the canopy of Moreton Bay ash, coastal aspen and Port Jackson figs.

The circuit takes walkers past large specimens of pink bloodwoods estimated to be 200-years old.

Look for butterflies fluttering among the grasses and low-level shrubs.

Spot birds such as double barred finches, Easter yellow robin and rainbow bee-eaters in the trees that edge the track.

Further along the River Walk the 210 m Mangrove Circuit leads to the edge of the mangroves, offering an up-close glimpse of this important ecosystem.

Listen for the strong, clear and melodious song of the mangrove honey-eater and the sweet tuneful call of the mangrove warbler.

The near pristine mangrove forests, seagrasses, intertidal banks and rock bars of the Elliott River are home to prawns, mud crabs and thousands of other marine species.

It is also an important nursery ground for fish species such as mangrove jack and barramundi which need to freely swim from salt to freshwater.

The Reserve has been identified by the Queensland Government as having high ecological significance as a protected area of coastal vegetation.

As an important area for ecological conservation, all plants and animals on the Reserve are protected.

Dogs are welcome on a leash. Please remember to bring bags to clean up after your dog.

Where: McIntosh Avenue, Elliott Heads

Find out more about Riverview Environmental Reserve, and other parks around the region through Bundaberg Regional Council's park finder.

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