Explore our region: Russo Park

Located just 8 km from Childers is the picturesque Russo Park.

Featuring three walking tracks which wind throughout the park, visitors can explore interesting vegetation and wildlife along Stockyard Creek.

The Blue Gum track is 200 m and follows the creek through bushland to a very large Blue Gum worthy of a photo opportunity.

The Lookout track is 400 m and leads to one of the highest points in the area where visitors can appreciate its natural beauty.

A short third track leads down to the creek edge and to an atmospheric thicket of rainforest vines, a remnant of the Isis Scrub rainforest that was once common around Childers.

The park contains a wide diversity of local native trees shrubs and wildlife, perfect for nature lovers interested in botany or bird spotting.

Along Stockyard Creek, vegetation shades fast flowing, shallow freshwater and provides a valuable habitat for Azure Kingfishers, frogs and dragonflies.

Lucky visitors may catch sight of a platypus, which live along the soft banks of Stockyard Creek.

Visitors to the park can enjoy a break relaxing under the canopy of the cool and shady vegetation on one of the seats dotted along the walking tracks.

Huge Blue Gums tower overhead, estimated to be over 200 years old and provide nesting hollows for owls, possums, and gliders.

As an important area for ecological conservation, all plants and animals in the park are protected.

Supervise children closely, particularly near the water, and stay on the walking tracks to help prevent soil erosion.

Dogs and domestic animals are not permitted.


Where: Park Avenue, North Isis. From Goodwood Road, turn onto Stockyard Road. After 400 metres, turn right onto Rosemont Drive, then turn right onto Park Avenue.

Find out more about Russo Park, and other parks around the region, through Bundaberg Regional Council's park finder.

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