Explore our region: Sharon Gorge Nature Park

Located north of Bundaberg on Gin Gin Road is the peaceful Sharon Gorge Nature Park.

A 675 m walkway through the Gorge to the Burnett River travels within an important habitat for wildlife and rare plants.

There is a wide diversity of plants with over 140 species identified, including the vulnerable Wedge-leaf Tuckeroo, Woongarra Vine Scrub, ferns, palms, and orchids.

Sharon Gorge is a haven for bird and wildlife species, with the ‘whip crack’ call of the Eastern Whipbird often heard, as well as the ‘machine gun’ call of the Lewin’s Honeyeater.

At the end of the walkway is a viewing deck and seat to sit under the gum trees and view the Burnett River.

Sharon Gorge was formed over hundreds of years as erosive flowing water formed deep ravines and steep walls.

The resulting landform offered shade and protection from the drying effects of wind and fires, allowing subtropical rainforest vegetation to thrive and producing a moist, fertile forest floor.

The park has a shady picnic area, toilets, barbecues and sheltered picnic tables.

Overnight stays are restricted to fully self-contained vehicles only (20 hour maximum).

As all plants and animals in the nature park are protected, dogs and domestic animals are not permitted along the walking track.

Dogs in the picnic grounds must be on a leash.

Fires and collecting firewood are not permitted.

For their own safety, park visitors are required to stay on the walking track, as adjacent areas may be unstable.

Exercise care along the walking track as some sections may be uneven, wear sturdy footwear, suitable clothing and insect repellent.

Where: Gin Gin Road, Sharon.

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