Gardening to mend a heavy heart

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After losing her husband to lung cancer, Katrina Weismann threw herself back into gardening to create a beautiful oasis.

When moving into the property five years ago, the established gardens did not suit the vision Katrina and her late husband Royce had.

“We tidied up the gardens and removed gardens and palm trees,” Katrina said.

“The gardens were Royce’s area as I worked.”

Katrina said she really dug in last winter as spending time in the garden helped her through the past 18 months.

Both the front and back yards have undergone a huge transformation.

“Hedges, old shrubs, donkey’s ears, agaves, garden edging, pavers and rocks were all taken away,” she said.

“I had a ute and a chainsaw and what I could not manage I then had help with.

“The paved section is now turf.”

Katrina said growing up in a large family made gardening a staple in her younger years, with her garden now a space that her grandchildren could enjoy.

“There are animal statues hidden in the gardens which the grandkids love,” she said.  

“I added a grandpas memory garden and I find this is a nice spot to sit and think about how I am managing.”

With the garden becoming a haven for Katrina, she said it was where she loved to be, often foregoing housework in order to spend more time in the garden.

The outdoor space now features bromeliads and a lily and geranium garden, all providing a splash of colour.

“Where shrubs were removed native shrubs were added and ground cover which is attracting birds and an abundance of bees,” Katrina said.

“There is a spa area, potted garden and undercover shaded plant area.

“This is beautiful at night lit with solar lights.”

Katrina said the gardens are a labour of love, but she had enjoyed giving her outdoor space a new life.

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