Creativity flows in Heather's family garden

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Since moving into her Norville property over 50 years ago, Heather Ryan never imagined her garden would be as bright as it is today.

Sprouting from a collaborative effort between Heather and her creative son, the outdoor space has been bought to life in the past 18 months.

The garden features a variety of flowering plants and fruit trees which Heather said has seen her spend far more time in her outdoor space.

“I like to stand there watering the garden and if I see a weed I can tend to it straight away,” Heather said.

“Coming out to see everything growing and the variety of colours brings me joy, but I especially love my roses and orchids.

“I have a number of garden lights which allow me to also enjoy the garden at night.”

Although not from a family of gardeners, Heather has always loved gardening including everything from planting to propagating.

“I’m always looking to grow the number of plants in my garden and find propagating my own plants a great way to achieve this,” she said.

To further enhance the garden designed by her son, Heather has added her own touch, incorporating a number of animal statues throughout.

“If I’m out and see a statue that I like I will buy it, I love what they add to the garden,” she said.

Heather said the pomegranate trees featured in her backyard held a special place in her heart, thanks to treasured memories of her son.

“I used to suffer from really bad nose bleeds, I’ve ended up in an ambulance three times because of it,” she said.

“He made me drinks out of the pomegranates along with orange juice as it’s really good for you.

“I now use the pomegranates to make my own juice.”

The garden has a range of other fruit trees including mandarin, lemon and orange trees.

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