In Our Garage with Ally Colville's 2019 Kawasaki Vulcan

Ally Colville purchased her bike, which she nicknamed Major Booger, in 2019 and said it had taken her on many adventures since.

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Tell us about your bike?

 It's a 2019 Kawasaki Vulcan and I bought it brand new in January 2019.

I actually went down and watched it come off the truck on its pallet because I was so excited - it was specially ordered in the colour.

There was a choice of black, orange or green that year and I chose the green one and it's name is Major Booger.

I had a little bit of work done to the exhaust just to make it sound a bit tougher and not like a sewing machine, but apart from that, it's stock.

What do you love about your motorbike?

I think it's more what the bike represents, the lifestyle that you can have with a motorbike.

There's always charity rides that you can be involved in.

You always meet wonderful people and there's an amazing group of women that ride motorbikes and Major Booger has just taken me all over the place travelling.

I've done 30,000kms on her, we've had lots of fun and I think that's probably what I like the best, what the bike brings.

Why is bike safety important?

Three months ago, I was in a serious motorbike accident.

On a motorbike you should always wear a full-face helmet.

I know that full-face helmets might not be cool, but they save your life.

We always say, look left, look right, look bike.

What makes you want to keep riding?

I'm not back on a bike yet, but I'm very, very keen to get back into it.

I had purchased an XR 1200 X Harley-Davidson Sportster 2010 model and it's a rare bike.

There's only 4000 made worldwide and that's the bike that I had the accident on.

So I'm in the process of repairing it and hope to ride it again in a few months so that I can join my friends, join my partner and continue with my lifestyle of riding motorbikes.

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