In Our Group with Bundaberg Pottery Group

Bundaberg Pottery Group member Janet Usher shares how creativity has grown over its 50-plus-year history in the region.

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Tell us about Bundaberg Pottery Group Association Inc?

The Bundaberg Pottery group is open to anyone of any skillset who has an interest in getting creative with clay.

It's a great place for people who are interested in sharing fellowship with people of similar interests.

This year will mark 54 years the group has been running and we have over 100 members.

We have the clubhouse where everyone can come to create their items alongside a gallery shop where members sell their pieces.

What’s the history of the Bundaberg Pottery Group?

The Bundaberg Pottery Group started in 1969, by Mr W. Baxter.

The first building we were in was an old butter factory, we then moved into the old showgrounds and have now been here on 95c Walker Street for about 22 years.

The Flying Arts School were instrumental in the beginning of the group, as they did workshops in lots of regional areas, including Bundaberg.

The founding members then participated in a Tafe course.

The course was quite involved and gave a lot a background on pottery making, in how the clay works, how the firing works and how things happen when using glazes.

One of the ladies donated money to Bridges so we could get part of this building on Walker Street built in the beginning, we then got an extension built in 2017.

Over the years the group has seen its ups and downs throughout the trends.

They have developed some new glazes and glazing techniques which brings people in wanting to try them out.

Why is the group important to the Bundaberg Region?

The social aspect is important to a lot of people.

We have all made friends here and interact with a wide variety of people.

The lessons are a great way to get to know people better.

It’s also an educational space for people who want to learn things about the craft and for people that want to use their hands in an artistic way.

How can the community be involved?

Classes are run for beginners but we always have members here willing to help out those who are both new or experienced.

We get quite a few carers who come in with their clients and we teach the carers so they can support the clients when participating.

We have an open day in conjunction with the Hazzard Gallery and Woodworkers Guild coming up in October.

We meet at 95C Walker Street on Tuesday afternoons and Thursdays and Saturdays from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.

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