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Speedway Karts

Put your pedal to the metal with the Bundaberg Speedway Karts as long term
member Brent Attard tells us how to get in on the action.

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Tell us about Bundaberg Speedway Karts?

It's an introductory class for speedway racing.

You can start at seven and there's no age limit, there's nine different classes depending on ages, engine classes and weights and they're nationally affiliated with Speedway Australia.

If someone wants to go speedway racing is probably the cheapest way to get involved.

There are four tracks within 300 kilometres of Bundaberg that hold regular race meetings.

The karts we race are very similar to the ones that race at University Drive, the Bundy Kart Club, with a few small changes.

They are a little bit higher off the ground and there's different tires used to work on the dirt rather than on bitumen.

When and where do you meet?

We get allocated dates from Carina Speedway that we can use and then we advertise them.

We have about three or four race meetings a year at Carina Speedway and you can race pretty much once a month, all year.

How can the community be involved?

The best way to contact the club is via the Facebook page and the page is very responsive.

They will pass on someone’s phone number to further answer your questions.

Alternatively, Bundy Karts, who are a shop in town, they're part of Hydraulink.

They race other carts, but they've also got good information on the speedway karts.

What events happen during the year?

The event on 19 August is a club race meeting and it could possibly be our last one for the year.

The racing usually starts around 10 am and goes through to maybe 4 or 5 pm.

Why is the group important to the Bundaberg Region?

It's another way to get kids involved in motorsport and there are many people that you talk to that have got kids involved in motorsport that think the benefits far outweigh the costs.

It improves their social skills, mechanical abilities and their ability to react to situations that they wouldn't ordinarily be based in.

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