In Our Recipe Book with Marianne Lethbridge

Last year Seniors Month was celebrated with a graphite workshop at the Bundaberg Art Society with the theme of cooking.

Childers resident Marianne Lethbridge took part in the event and her recipe of choice was Strawberries Romanoff, which is now included in the Art of Good Food – A Recipe for Connection book.

What was involved in the graphite workshop?

For me this workshop was a brand new skill.

It’s very meticulous. You do tend to zone out and get drawn into what you are doing.

We were all drawing something that relates to a recipe we have collected and love.

What recipe did you chose and why?

My recipe is called Strawberries Romanoff, because when I was researching I was reading a Russian novel and I just love the wording.

It’s not a recipe I cook a lot but it is a recipe that uses local product, that is strawberries.

It is simple and straight forward and impresses the people eating it with you.

Why are local ingredients important?

I came to the workshops with an understanding that one should highlight one’s local area, and we have a lot of things growing here, so it turned out very well.

Why do you love this recipe?

It’s a dessert, it's sweet, creamy and whipped up.

It looks like a million bucks in the glass on the table.

It tastes lovely and I have had nice reactions to it when I have served it. 

What sort of skills did you learn during the workshop?

The graphite workshop requires the least amount of specialised equipment and it's about what you do use –the led pencils of different hardness and softness, and the special paper.

I suppose we have used the simplest of tools with the most skilful of techniques.

What did you like best about the Art of Good Food – A Recipe for Connection workshops?

I have enjoyed many, many things, particularly the different tutors over the four workshops.

They have been very skilled and friendly. 

Even though we are packing a lot into a two-hour workshop you’ve got enough to go home with and practice.

Check out Marianne’s Strawberries Romanoff, along with other local recipes, in the Art of Good Food – A Recipe for Connection, by clicking here.