Josephina’s art garden planted with passion

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A strong connection to nature has led Josephina Beckers to create an intricate art trail in her one-acre garden, with all but one gum tree planted by hand.

The vision arose for artist Josephina as she wanted to curate a creative and wild space, filled with spirit, colour and passion.

“I love flowers and colour,” she said.

“They feed my soul more than a veggie garden for some weird reason.”

A garden created out of pure excitement has blossomed into a natural wonderland for Josephina to enjoy every day in her own backyard. 

“I knew nothing about trees, how big they would grow and what would be the best place for them,” she said.

“I just got enthusiastic and threw anything in.

“Of course, that means that some trees are not quite in the right place.”

In the past 12 months the newest vision to come to fruition was the art trail, Josephina said she wanted it to be inspiring, exciting and fun to walk.

“When I walk and work in my garden, I feel a profound spiritual connection with the land,” she said.

“I create beauty and love around me that fills my spirit daily, despite the drought or maybe because of it.

“It can take almost half an hour now when you walk slowly around and take the time to look at all the different little bits and pieces.

“The different parts of the garden all have a distinctive different energy.”

The garden currently features a variety of themed areas.

“At this stage we have a fairy-gnome garden, a rock garden with succulents, a veggie garden, a bamboo walk trail, a living labyrinth, a magical ‘gum tree forest’ with an energy circle, a mandala garden, and a mosaic section,” Josephina said.

With the challenge of drought Josephina said she has developed a love for bromeliads and succulents which are hearty plants that can thrive on very little water.

“At this stage the bromeliads provide most of the colour,” she said.

“I do try to get more and more edible plants everywhere.  

“I remember thinking that I wish to see the trees grow for the next 50 years!”

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