Joseph’s garden built to thrive both indoor and out

Plant collector Joseph Torcetti has been growing his collection for two years, specialising in indoor plants.

Joseph’s passion for collecting stemmed from spending weekends in the garden with his Nana as a young child.  

“I just collected anything and everything, I started running out of space inside so had to expand outside,” he said.

Originally the passion was driven by the aesthetics plants added to a space, Joseph said not long after a journey into learning began.

“They are so interesting, you learn about their flowers and reproductive side,” he said.

“I would eventually love to start hybridising and creating some of my own cultivars.

“Hybridisation is breeding one plant with another species/variety in the hopes of developing a new cultivar with different traits such as leaf shape, colour and pattern.”

An abundance of gardeners reside in the Bundaberg region, including those that focus on indoor flora, Joseph said it was a trend in the seventies and its back in!

“You all have a shared interest and it sparks conversations, which often lead to friendships,” he said.

“Multiple people from all over are able to share their expertise and experiences.”

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Caring for indoor plants is different to outdoor as they aren’t exposed to the elements, according to Joseph.

“They don’t dry out as quickly as outside and the lack of proper drainage in the decorative pots means you have to be cautious not to over water,” he said.

“Other things like aircon and humidity are issues, you don’t want them getting stressed with the fluctuating temperatures.” 

Joseph said it’s important for beginners to start with research, most of the groundwork is covered in the planning.

“Some plants require more care and maintenance than others,” he said.

“Find out what plants are beginner friendly and start from there”

With Joseph’s collection overflowing into his shade house, he believes it’s great to have a mix of both indoor and outdoor florals.

“They just really add so much life and colour inside and tie everything together,” Joseph said. 

“I love having somewhere I can go to relax, destress and zone out.

“It’s so peaceful and I forget the crazy, busy outside world for a minute.”

Joseph has left us with his top tips for a thriving indoor garden.

1. Lighting.
Find the right lighting, find out what light requirements the plant has and find the perfect spot.

2. Potting media.
Choose the right potting media, research what the plant prefers and avoid the cheap, nasty potting soil, it’s better to get something slightly pricier in the long run. Also refresh and repot to a slightly larger size pot every 6 to 12 months.

3. Avoid over watering.
Try and water only when the top few inches are dry, you can test this with your finger. It’s better to under water then over.

4. Pots.
Try and choose a planter with a drainage hole. Most plants don’t like having their roots submerged, the roots require oxygen for the plant to function properly.

5. Temperature.
The most common house plants are usually tropical. They don’t like the cold blasting from the AC or the hot dry air from heaters. Best to try and keep things stable.

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