Kevin’s tropical oasis a place of relaxation

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More than 20 years of gardening has led Kevin Berghofer to the creation of a foliage-filled garden, with views from the veranda which create an at home oasis.

Hearty foliage has been planted throughout the gardens with red flora popping out among the green, as the garden continues to flourish since adapting to the Bundaberg climate.

“The house was moved here in 2000 from the Bingera mill plantation and was transported on the back of two semis and reversed to the back of the block and restumped,” Kevin said.

“The block was full of the original scrub as it hadn’t been touched since it was purchased in the ‘70s.

“We put the pathway in and started planting the shrubs that would supposedly grow well in the area, but found as time went on, with the lack of rain we had to go for more natives and succulents.”

The green thumb said tending to your own jungle comes with its own challenges, as the garden has seen many phases over the years.

“We lost a lot of trees in 2017 when we had a powerful storm uproot many of the gums and a large fig in the creek,” he said.

“This changed the garden greatly because it removed the canopy that had developed over the years and opened it up to the sun.

“Now everything is growing back after a good pre-spring prune and a good layer of mulching.”

The outdoor space also features a large mermaid statue and more than eight beehives, which are appreciated by many.

“We spend a lot of time in the garden with friends and family, and I also have a market garden where we grow fresh produce for our family, neighbours and the Second 2 None charity,” he said.

With wife Sonia running a bowen therapy business from home, Kevin said he enjoyed seeing people unwind in the garden before their appointment.

“The most loved part of the garden is the swing that I built myself.

“Once you are on it, it`s hard to get off as it is so relaxing,” he said.

“The garden looks great from the veranda and gives the feeling that we aren`t really in town, it’s our own little oasis.”

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