Kylie’s succulent garden an ethereal wonderland

Kylie Walduck and her son Tyler love to garden together.

Kylie Walduck and her son Tyler love to garden together.

Kylie Walduck has transformed what used to be her small clothesline area into a succulent laneway with over 300 plants.

The journey started six years ago when Kylie found a love for succulents and cacti, her garden started off simple but has transformed into an intricate array of colour.

“I once had simple gardens of just a few pots and very basic plant varieties common to homes that are newly landscaped,” she said.

“Succulents and cacti have become a huge part of my life over the past six years and mainly planted separately in pots.”

Kylie said her husband Jason had always been supportive of her gardening ideas and was willing to jump in and build something new.

“Recently he brought to life my shaded area,” Kylie said.

“The summer sun in our part of Queensland can be quite harsh so he built a 10 metre shade for my beautiful potted babies.

“It’s been great protection for some very special varieties.”

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As a dedicated gardener, Kylie said spending time in her garden had helped her feel grounded.

“Being in a stressful job I feel grounded and calm when amongst my plants,” she said.

“Often, I’ll start the day with my coffee in hand inspecting new flowers, new leaves, changes in colours and sometimes spot a dreaded mealybug attack.”

Kylie has also branched out and planted succulents in her front yard and driveway garden, creating an interesting mix of greenery.

“Two years ago, I said to hubby I’m going to be brave and plant out the full driveway garden with succulents!” she said.

“I was always hesitant to put my potted beauties in the ground in fear if not being able to regulate water.

“My hubby helped prepare the soil with my super mix of coarse brown sand, perlite, small river gravel and quality succulent mix and we planted one rainy morning.”

Kylie said she had poured endless hours into caring and loving her garden.

“It truly brings me joy,” she said.

“I love standing back and seeing what we’ve created.”

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