Liane’s colourful garden blooms from under the rocks

Over the past 30 years Liane Holt Ward has transformed her once rock-filled land into 13 colourful themed gardens.

Each garden features different florals, scattered with hand-painted sculptures and an array of potted plants, creating an immersive experience as you walk throughout her backyard.

One special garden has angels amongst the plants to honour Liane’s father who passed away from cancer six years ago.

“I have always loved being in the garden,” she said. 

“When I was younger living at home with my parents’ years ago, I would always be out weeding the garden.

“My garden is my sanctuary it takes away all my troubles and worries when I’m in the garden and I just lose track of time. I can spend hours out there in my gardens.”

Starting with just a couple of palms trees has led Liane to let her creativity flow, the green thumb said she was always looking to create new arrangements.

“I’m always looking at doing different things with my gardens, like putting different statues and lights in or moving plants around,” Liane said.

“I love how over the years all my gardens have come together, they each have their own character with the different plants and colour in each one.”

With rocks just under the surface Liane said it had always been difficult growing plants on the ground, which has led to her innovative gardening style overcoming the challenges at hand.

“To look at my gardens now to when I first started 30 years ago, there has been a lot of time and hard work put into each one,” she said.

Liane said the most recent project had been laying reject bricks around her space to add character to each area and allow the colourful flora to stand out.

“They each have different shaped leaves and produce different colours- when they are in flower it looks spectacular,” she said.

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