Liza’s sentimental garden a place of many faces

Liza and Ryan O’Donnell’s garden has seen 19 years’ worth of transformations, with the garden growing and evolving alongside the family.

“As we moved through our lives from young enthusiastic owner builders, to brand new parents, to our current status of middle-aged parents of teenagers, our garden has evolved with us,” Liza said.

“It has been a wonderful journey that has seen the spaces change from entertaining friends, to entertaining toddlers, then energetic children and now it is my husband and I that take the most enjoyment from our garden.”  

Ryan worked in landscaping while living in New Zealand and, being a farmer’s daughter, Liza said they both enjoyed getting their hands dirty.

“There are a couple of my favourite plants that will stay because they are special to my sentimental soul,” Liza said.

“The big Madagascar Palm in the back yard was the very first plant my husband and I bought together, when we had no wrinkles or grey hairs!” 

The couple’s Bargara property is on a long and narrow block and each section has been transformed to flow with the journey of life. 

“As the boys grew and didn’t need the garden space as much, we replaced all the grass with landscaping and the garden has become three distinct zones,” Liza said.

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“The backyard stream and pond is only about 18 months old and I look forward to seeing the trees grow and it become more natural.

“The vegetable beds are also in the back section of the yard and were built on top of the old multipurpose court at about the same time.   

“The middle section is mostly potted plants that love the cover, this is dedicated to entertaining.”

Outdoors is a place of relaxation for Liza and her family, with the highlight being an outdoor bath.

“The outdoor bath is a hit in winter and all the plants surrounding it makes it very private,” she said.

Liza said the garden has become a place to not only create memories but also preserve them.

“This yard has been our only home together and I can’t see us ever parting with it,” she said.

“I would like to think that our sons will come together with their families here someday.”

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