Mel’s eccentric Gin Gin garden

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 Mel Bayntun has transformed her overgrown backyard into a unique, upcycled wonderland in just eight months.

 After changes in her personal life, Mel moved into her Gin Gin home by the name of Moonstone, which she said symbolised inner growth, strength and new beginnings.

 It was then that she started planning her garden and, with most of her visions coming in dreams plus some help from friends and family, her ideas have been brought to fruition. 

 “The property was unkept and the gardens were very overgrown, I had lots of friends over the years to help cut away all the ‘dead wood’ so to speak,” she said.

The front yard was the first to get upgraded.

“I normally dream my visions and when I wake, I get busy writing notes and then source my supplies,” she said.

 “I am a quick worker once I have that vision.

 “I want it to come to life quickly, just in case life happens.”

 Mel said a blank canvas was then created in her backyard after a friend was able to clear out the whole space including trees, shrubs, roots and all.

 “At the end of last year we had a shed built and then February this year is when I started creating the backyard,” Mel said.  

“I have black soil, so I had truckloads of garden soil brought in, then I just planted native trees.

“My partner is a surfer so I created one side of the garden beach theme, with sand being brought in.

“It’s beach meets bush.”

A boundary fence was created out of recycled posts and roofing iron supplied by a good friend.

“It makes a rustic privacy fence, which brings the whole back yard together,” Mel said.

“There are always changes, I find something to upcycle or recycle and then it grows from there.”

  Mel said the garden also showcased a teapot wall, vegetable garden and painted car home to many plants.

 “The sun beams through that section in the morning and I thought if I hung teapots, it would block the sun as well as being a feature,” Mel said.

 “The vegetable garden area is called ‘Grandad’s corner’ after my late grandad.

“He was an amazing green thumb when it came to his vegetable garden. 

“The section with the spray-painted car is called ‘The Bronx’ due to the high buildings next to my property.”

The afternoon brings wildlife to Mel’s garden.

“We have up to 20 wild ducks, king parrots, rosellas, apostlebirds, finches, lorikeets and many other bird species,” she said.

“They all have such fun personalities.”

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