Morgan Parremore's picture perfect garden

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She may be best known for capturing beautiful moments on camera, local photographer Morgan Parremore still finds the time to potter in her flower-filled garden.

Featuring a lawn renovation and upcycled outdoor studio, Morgan and Shane Parremore’s passion for plants has kept the couple busy for the past nine years with an outdoor space that needed a head-to-toe makeover.

With an unworkable vegetable garden out back and a front yard full of fruit trees, the duo decided that removing the veggie patch, rehoming the trees and letting the grass grow would help their vision come alive.

“The house itself was in great condition but the gardens were a mess,” Morgan said.

“It took us a good six months and a multitude of dump runs to remove everything that we didn't want to keep.” 

Morgan said two years ago they started working on the front yard which led to the pursuit of knowledge in lawn renovation.

“When we started the front yard renovation, we really wanted to put turf in.

“We just wanted a nice space for the kids to play in and kick the footy around in.”

Both the front and back yards have undergone lawn transformations and while Morgan said it was definitely hard work, the end result was worth the effort.

Morgan said Travis from The Lawn Lab  made a plan, which helped remove the old thatch that builds up in the lawn and coring which aerates the soil below. 

“We sprayed the whole area that had the old grass and weeds before having someone remove and scrape it all away.

“We put in some top dressing and had Nara Zoysia grass laid for us.

“We then add washed brown sand to fill in holes and level out the lawn.”

A second lawn renovation was then completed with the knowledge acquired.

“This year we took on the lawn reno ourselves with the knowledge that Travis gave us and with the dethatch, coring and top dressing done we just have to watch it come back better than ever,” Morgan said.

“All of this was so new to us, we really had no idea what goes into making an amazing lawn.”

Morgan said she had built an outdoor photography studio, completely from recycled materials collected over the years, which had created a useful space for clients that was once wasted.

With most of the gardens being tropical, Morgan said this led her to branch out into other species of plants, which she has grown fond of.

“We started out with some natives in the new garden which have taken off, but now I am obsessed with flowers,” she said.

“My favourite plants would have to be all the flowers, the colours are just so much fun and the amount of bees and butterflies that have come into our yard lately is incredible.”

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