In Our Gallery with Virginia Hendren

Virginia found her passion for art in the past six months and said she was constantly learning and evolving as an artist.

How long have you been an artist and how did you get started?

I have been an artist for only six months.

I wanted to take a break from working as a nurse and do something different that would challenge me to the core.

As I am a self-taught artist I had very limited knowledge about art basics.

I completed many hours of online study, exploring other artists' styles as well as some tutorials and courses which helped me to learn the basics.

I have converted a space into my art studio and have recently purchased a large shipping container which I will turn into a beautiful art space.

What was the inspiration behind your Here + Now piece at Bundaberg Regional Galleries?

The inspiration behind this piece was the wonderful national parks and rainforests in Far North Queensland that I was lucky enough to grow up near as a child.

I have many happy memories of playing in the crystal-clear creeks with my younger sister and our friends for hours and hours.

I loved to study the rocks in the creek beds and watch as the water moved around the large boulders in the river.

I would float on my back and stare up at the enormous tree foliage above me.

Everywhere I looked there were mountains on the horizon.

I tried to capture a bit of these elements in nature from my mind and displayed in my unique style on canvas.

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What medium was used and how does this reflect your usual practice?

I used acrylic medium for this painting as well as moulding paste and some craft paper to create wonderful textures.

I do enjoy painting with acrylic paints/inks and paint pens.

I use a variety of tools other than paint brushes, including a spatula I stole from the kitchen!

I love texture in my paintings but also love exploring different methods.

I am always learning and growing each day as an artist and am not afraid to try different painting styles until I truly find my own style and groove.

What are some of your artistic highlights?

In just six months of being an artist I feel like I have achieved a lot already.

I have entered into four different art exhibitions and two art competitions.

I have managed to create my own small business including the creation of a website, organising logistics and suppliers.

I have learned a lot about art creation and also running a small business - it has been a busy productive year so far.

I have won second place for my artwork at this year's Bundaberg Show.

That was a big surprise for me and it helped me push on with my dream of becoming a well-known artist in my town of Bundaberg and perhaps, one day, Australia-wide.

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