Pine Creek bush garden Kathy’s escape

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Pine Creek is home to 20 acres of vibrant bush garden, which Kathy Swann has spent a decade carefully curating and nurturing.

When Kathy and her husband moved in the gardens were ravished by Kathy’s geese, leaving her to rebuild the gardens from scratch.

“I love being outside in the garden and I absolutely love watering,” Kathy said.

“At the moment we only have chickens, ducks and guinea fowl that we let free range.”

Kathy said the rural property offers peace and quiet with it allowing her to step back from the hustle and bustle of her work life.

“I would never live anywhere else,” she said.

“My most favourite place to sit is on the front porch surrounded by my plants enjoying the wildlife, we get a lot of wallabies and king parrots which we feed.

“When I’m out there I feel so happy, relaxed and truly blessed.”

Kathy said her father used to garden when they lived in Melbourne, featuring roses and fruit trees, although it wasn’t of interest until she had children.

“It was just something when the kids were little, it was my escape,” she said.

“I had three children, so I used to go out in the garden and they weren't interested, it was my peace.

“When I retire, I would like to grow all my own vegetables, add two peacocks to the menagerie and grow old together with my hubby.”

A shaded area full of luscious plants leads to the entry way of the house, which continues to thrive thanks to Kathy’s happy go lucky gardening style.

“I don't know names of plants, I just like what I like,” Kathy said.

“I don't understand it, I just love gardening.

“If there are some plants not looking quite well, I'll just dig it up and move it to another spot.”

Facing the challenge of drought, it is not only the plants that thrive off a generous water supply but Kathy’s ducks who enjoy frolicking in the dam. 

The outdoor space continues to grow purely off dam water and Kathy said having a second dam built would allow her to water to her hearts content.

“We lost a lot of our fruit trees due to the drought and I have decided not to replace them until the new dam is built and the heavens open,” Kathy said.

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