Plants galore at the Huth’s Meadowvale garden

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Nola and Reg Huth’s Meadowvale garden is best described as a hidden treasure, showcasing an extensive plant collection from succulents and cacti to indoor plants and colourful foliage.

Each part of the yard is themed through plant selection.

A shade house was built for the veggie patch and the existing garden beds have been transformed into a feature cacti garden.

“I really got into gardening when I moved here 16 years ago,” Nola said.

“Reg had established the existing gardens and after moving in I added my touch with the cacti and succulents.

“It's changed, it’s very, very different to how it used to be.”

With this being Nola’s largest garden to date she said she loved to keep it low maintenance.

“I love easy care stuff, I've always said that it has got to be easy,” Nola said.

“I find myself planting in pots more than anything else.”

Handyman Reg has crafted many custom pieces in the garden.

Nola said this included tin animals and edging to complement her plant arrangements.

The green thumbs said they were no stranger to upcycling and loved giving life to old and broken items.

In their Meadowvale garden plants have found new homes in old swing sets, water features and wheelbarrows just to name a few.

Nola said there were always changes being made, as she spends most of her time outside in the garden.

“I love my space, I love my garden and the open spaces,” Nola said.

“I don't think I'd want to go back into town.”

The most recent change to the outdoor space is Nola’s succulent corner that came to life after the space needed a tidy up.

“It was just because it was really messy and I thought, I'll clean this area up,” she said.

“I like it to look good and I am able to propagate the succulents.”

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