In Our Garage: Stephen Schreiber 1997 HS3 Bon Trike

Stephen's three-seater trike, nicknamed "the old girl", is a proud project that he enjoys taking out for a spin.

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Tell us about your trike?

The Trike is a 1997 HS3 Bon-Trike.

We purchased it in 1998 and it had 4181 kilometers on the clock.

Since then the speedo has been around the clock twice, and it's clocking up 72,000 kilometers again.

How much work have you put into it?

We've rebuilt the VW motor in it twice and on the last rebuild, the engine block cracked so it was time to source a different engine.

Subaru was the one that we picked.

It's a two litre, it's fuel injected and it doesn't have a distributor.

I don't have to do tappets or anything like that.

Everything is controlled by the computer.

I just jump on, turn the key, she starts and off we go.

What condition is it in?

The fibreglass body is showing its age with the shine that has disappeared off it, but if you get enough sunlight on it the old girl still shines.

When we first bought the trike it was a two seater, which was one seat for the rider and one seat for the passenger.

So I purchased a three seater body, that was back in 2000.

Went through all the paperwork and everything, got the body fitted and it's been on ever since.

What are you towing?

Since the wife and I started travelling, we needed something so we started off with a canvas type camper and that was alright for a few years.

Then everybody started building these little miniature caravans.

I did an apprenticeship as cabinet maker, which helped.

I built one and it's been on the road now for about six years.

It's good, it's fully insulated.

It has a stove and fridge and everything in the back with the food queen size bed inside.

I've got wide angle mirrors and I can see down the side.

Do you get away in it often?

We have an AGM once a year and that's anywhere in Australia because United Trikers Australia is an Australian-wide club.

So six weeks ago we were in Tasmania, racing around down there.

I think we had around 40 trikes, which sort of equates to about 80 people.

It's just a good time to catch up with all the other members that are in the different states and I really look forward to it.

Our next one is in Barmera in South Australia.

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