Sue sows bright floral haven

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Sue Gees’ outdoor space has undergone two years’ worth of beautification after the local resident developed a love for gardening from which she hasn’t looked back.

When Sue moved into her unit her garden was nothing but dirt and a few cacti.

Today it is a floral display that she and her neighbours enjoy.

“It was all dirt along here and I was sick of looking at it,” Sue said.

“I laid the bricks myself and painted them too.

“I’ve added another two gardens and I am always working on something.”

Trips to local garden suppliers have grown Sue’s collection and she said she never failed to come out with a trolley full of plants for the garden.

“Some of my friends have started calling me Sue Bunnings and I do respond to it,” Sue said.

“My kids hope I never want to move out as there’s too many plants to shift but I do enjoy it here greatly.”

After planting her favourite fruit tree Sue said she hoped to reap the rewards.

“I eat so much papaya, hopefully this will stop me spending $6 a kilo!”

Sue said fellow neighbours had enjoyed the transformation with the flow on effect uniting the garden community among the units’ residents.

“Others say it’s a credit to me and how beautiful it’s become,” she said.

“Often they’re taking photos and asking what plants are, then they’ll go buy plants for their garden.”

Sue said there was always something to do when spending time out in the garden.

“I always come out to relax and do a bit of watering,” she said.

“I love bright flowers and with a bit of tender loving care they come along great.”

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