In Our Garage with David & Maryanne Tallent's 1976 Mini Leyland

David and Maryanne Tallent have owned their 1976 Mini Leyland for five years and said it was the colour green that sparked the unique Mr. Bean theme.

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Tell us about your car?

It’s a 1976 Mini Leyland.

We've gone with a Mr. Bean theme.

It seems to get a fair bit of attention when it's on the road.

What condition was it in when you first got it?

It was a wreck.

The windows were pushed in. It was wet inside.

I only took the wheels and the motor out of it and the rest went to the tip.

How long did restoration take?

It took me 11 months to pull it apart, strip it completely, cut out all the rust and weld in new panels.

Every nut and bolt was pulled apart.

I just did it in 11 months. I really enjoyed that.

I could see myself driving it even before I'd finished it, so I knew it was going to get done.

What modifications were made?

The colour started the Mr. Bean look, everybody started calling it Mr. Bean as we were making it.

The door cards are recovered and the roof lining I put it in upside down while it was on the rotisserie, so gravity helped there, and the sun visors are original.

The dash is original except for the radio.

I went to the expense of trying to buy an old radio and all you get is horse racing on it.

There is a whopping great air horn under the mudguard that won't fit inside.

What makes it Mr. Bean themed?

I got the Mr. Bean plates and the teddies, I suppose.

I was going to have it orange, but someone else decided on the green.

We've also put the sticker on the back with Mr. Bean.

We were in England and we found an original Mr. Bean Little Teddy, so we brought that back as well.

So it's pretty special.

What is the public reaction?

I've had a few experiences where I could be driving down the road in Darwin and I've been handed a can of Jim Beam actually through the window while we're driving.

So that was fairly good.

Every time it's parked somewhere, you'll have the parents coming up with the little kids and can we have a photo, please?

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