Upcycled cottage garden a sight for sore eyes

After moving from their acreage, Raelene and Gary have brought to life their 800 square metre residential block with unique upcycles filled with florals.

The cottage-style garden was created from a blank canvas in just three years, and the duo said it was full of different things to discover for children and adults to enjoy.

“The first thing I said to Gary, was that we could make these gardens come alive with character, quirkiness and a little bit of cleverness using recycled items,” Raelene said. 

Good preparation is the key to a thriving garden, with the couple putting in a few hours before and after work for three months.

Raelene said they refilled the garden beds with quality soil and then laid 100 buckets of hand-dug river pebble, fertilized the lawns, laid brick paths and fixed odd jobs just to name a few.

“We're both pretty much homebodies; we love each other's company and love pottering around,” Gary said.

“Although I do get a little nervous when Raelene starts a sentence with, ‘Gary what if we do something like this?’ holding up an old watering can, wagon wheel or two bicycle wheels.

“Sometimes I wonder where Raelene gets these visions but 99% of the time they work out a treat.”

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Many people enjoy the outdoor area, with locals stopping on their walks to admire the garden.

“People give us lovely compliments either when they visit or are just walking by,” Gary said.

“It is truly a lovely neighbourhood with all ages walking by and saying g'day.

“We love standing back and taking a moment to reflect on turning an idea into a project and both being proud of what we achieve.”

Both Raelene and Gary come from a farming background and using an outside toilet growing up, led to the creation of the Thunderbox.

Made of authentic materials collected over the years, during Covid-19 Gary used his time to create the Thunderbox, which he said was an absolute hit with the grandkids.

The backyard is complimented by many upcycled and hand-crafted features, creating an immersive experience for all ages. 

“With a cottage garden you can select many plants to fit into smaller areas and dress it up with many little themes,” Raelene said.

“We like the idea that you can look at the garden and see so many little features.”

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