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Clever PLOYS to save planet from plastic

An idea that started with punctured pool floaties at home has turned PLOYS into a thriving Bundaberg PVC plastic refurbishing business.

Minding own beeswax wraps up

Making beeswax wraps proved to be fun and beneficial for a group of young Bundaberg Region people at Elliott Heads Hall this week.

Beeswax workshop wraps up environmental message

A beeswax wrap workshop at Elliott Heads Hall tomorrow will enable young people to exercise their creativity while helping the environment.

Gas flaring protects environment and community

More than 41 million cubic metres of potentially harmful methane gas has been extracted from Bundaberg landfills since gas flaring facilities were installed.

Reef run-off initiative will improve water quality

More than 16,000 tonnes of sediment from the Burnett River catchment will be stopped from entering the Great Barrier Reef thanks to a Government-funded initiative.

Mon Repos cooling trial aims to boost male turtles

A new trial will aim to boost the population of male turtle hatchlings by providing shade and cooler conditions at Mon Repos Beach.

Phytocap technology trial to transform landfill

The trial of sustainable capping technology at the Qunaba Waste Management Facility is on track to transform landfill operations and benefit the environment.

Algae expert wins international award

International award-winning biotechnologist and environmental engineer Simon Tannock has moved his successful AlgaEnviro business to the Bundaberg Region.

Loggerhead turtle Premiere heads back to sea

EXCLUSIVE: The first loggerhead turtle tagged as a hatchling at Mon Repos to later arrive as a nesting female, Premiere, returned to the ocean today.

Elliott Heads community weeding day to protect dunes

The Elliott Heads community will be rolling up its sleeves this weekend, digging into an ongoing weeding project to preserve the coastline and protect dune vegetation.

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