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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Elijah accepts no butts from litterers

Seven-year-old Elijah Richardson is cleaning up the region’s beaches and has asked people to stop littering after collecting hundreds of cigarette butts in a matter of days.

Indian Myna: ‘Cane toad of the sky’

“The cane toad of the sky” is how experienced Indian Myna trapper Eric Lester describes the pest bird which plagues the Bundaberg Region.

Dugong washes up on Archies Beach

A dead dugong washed up on Archies Beach at Bargara this morning, apparently after an altercation with a shark.

Bundaberg to host first bioeconomy conference

Bioindustry experts from across Australia will attend Bundaberg's first bioeconomy conference to examine opportunities to develop the sector.

Tree planting day benefits students and environment

Bundaberg State High School students planted 20 trees on 3 September to recognise National Tree Planting Day and benefit the environment.

Ocean Crusaders clean up tonnes of rubbish

A whopping 6.78 tonnes of rubbish was removed from local waterways in just six days when Ocean Crusaders waged war on marine litter in the Bundaberg Region.

Dr Mays Island closed to public

Elliott Heads visitors and residents are reminded that Dr Mays Island is now closed to protect nesting and migratory shorebirds.

Illegal cacti cause prickly problem

Biosecurity officials are trying to avoid a spike in pest plants by tackling the problem of illegal cacti and warning residents.

Audit reveals recycling advice is needed

Residents are invited to seek one-on-one recycling advice from Council after a recent survey revealed more than half of home recycling bins were contaminated.

Tomorrows Earth looks to cut waste today

Tomorrows Earth has opened its doors in the Bundaberg CBD stocking natural, Australian made cleaning and beauty products that promote sustainability.

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