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Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Tagged Burnett River mangrove jack most caught fish

A tagged Burnett River mangrove jack is on its way to becoming the most captured tagged fish in the nation.

Local prawn fishos highlighted in short film

A short film highlighting the life of Queensland's hard-working prawn fishermen has featured Grunske's By The River owners and their passion for local seafood.

Estuaries the go for wind-free fishing

This weekend it looks like fishing will be restricted to the local Bundaberg estuaries and impoundments due to windy weather.

Use Redmap app to track marine life

Marine organisms are on the move in Queensland and scientists are hoping to track them with your help using the Redmap website and app.

Good-sized crabs out there but remember the take limit

If you like a good feed of crabs then definitely throw the crab pots in but remember - the new laws on possession is seven crabs per person and fourteen per boat.

Barra are beaut but river not yet flush with prawns

Currently barramundi is in good supply at Grunske’s with the quality among the best the business has seen.

Rain stirring up the bait for good catches

Tackleworld Bundaberg says with all the rain we’ve had around the area over the past few weeks there is bulk bait on all the inshore reefs.

Bull sharks and barra on the bite

All the rain in the Bundaberg area lately can only be good for future fishing, including catching barra and bull sharks.

Full moon fishing ideal this weekend

With the full moon falling this Sunday the fishing in the Burnett River should be hot, according to Tackleworld Bundaberg.

Burnett River barra season opens this weekend

Offshore fishing was great last weekend and attention now turns to the Burnett River with barra season opening after midnight on Friday.

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