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Monday, July 6, 2020
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Red emperor out and about offshore

With the weather around the Bundaberg area being a bit up and down over the past week, Saturday is looking like the best day for weekend fishing.

Sunday is looking like the day for fishing

With the weather around the Bundaberg area looking a bit up and down over the past week, Sunday is looking to be the best day on the weekend to poke your nose out the front to have a fish.

Maritime training courses to set sail

A course teaching mandatory skills for those interested in working in the fishing industry will be run through Yalga-binbi Institute (Gidarjil) from 15 June.

Go Pro captures sharks chasing fisherman's catch

A group of fishermen have captured video footage of sharks chasing their catch during a recent fishing trip in Bundaberg waters.

Good weather brings out big fish around Bundaberg

With the weather around the Bundaberg area being good for the previous few days, reports of good fish have been coming aboard.

Rivers and inshore reefs producing cracker fishing

The team at Tackle World Bundaberg say fishing in the region has been red hot, with the rivers and reefs producing some great catches.

Offshore fishing out of Bundaberg red hot

The offshore fishing out from Bundaberg has been red hot over the past few weeks.

Tips for fishing the Burnett River

For those fishing the Burnett who want to spend the day out, put in the crab pots first as there have been reports of good-sized chocolate bucks coming in.

Get your tackle right for Bundy region fishing

For something a little bit different this week, I’m going to try to explain what tackle and lures I like to use for certain species around the local Bundaberg region.

Only catch enough fish to feed your family

While fishing for food in your local waterways is still allowed, remember it’s only with your family who lives with you, or you with one other person on board.

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