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Thursday, October 1, 2020
Topics Horticulture

Topic: horticulture

Changes proposed to address backpacker shortage

A Parliamentary Inquiry has proposed changes to address the shortage of agricultural labour caused by COVID-19 restrictions.

Knowledge shared at Women in Horticulture tour

The inaugural Women in Horticulture virtual tour gave participants an opportunity to delve deeper into topics of interest.

Strawberry season begins in Bundaberg Region

July marks the beginning of strawberry season in Bundaberg, a time when local supermarkets are heaving with varieties from local growers.

Women in Horticulture invited on virtual bus tour

Bundaberg Region women working in horticulture are invited to join a virtual bus tour next Thursday, 16 July.

Bargara Berries Meadowvale starts strawberry season

Bargara Berries' strawberry season is underway with the passionate family business opening a farm gate experience and a retail store at Meadowvale.

Bundy Limes value-add success

Bundy Limes may be small but Linda Vickers and family have expanded on their success through value-adding into new products.

Amandine Lavender scents success

More than 800 lavender plant seedlings are growing bigger each day in the greenhouse at Amandine Lavender, ready for planting during the cooler weather.

Bundaberg sweet potatoes feature in state campaign

Bundaberg’s Sweet Potatoes Australia is showing the world what they do as part of Growing Queensland’s #MakingItForQLD campaign.

Giles Herbs sprout in Bundaberg’s rich soil

With Bundaberg’s rich soils and a wealth of family experience it was no wonder Chris and Amanda Giles started their own business Giles Herbs.

Essential input to an essential industry

The importance of agriculture, and the whole food supply chain, as an essential service, has been highlighted in current conditions and local growers are encouraged to give input into a study to plan for the future.

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