Entries open for Mayor’s Telstra Innovation Awards

Ideas and innovations from some of the region’s brightest young thinkers are being sought for the 2021 Mayor’s Telstra Innovation Awards.

Science bug leads Rebecca to entomology career

A childhood fear of insects has not stopped Rebecca Nagy from catching the science bug and becoming an entomologist.

Bundaberg's AgPro software ready for global rollout

AgPro, an innovative software platform which originated in Bundaberg, is helping farmers and agronomists across the world track data and improve productivity.

Stay in touch with Bundaberg Now mobile app

Bundaberg Region residents can stay more connected than ever with local news and information by downloading the Bundaberg Now mobile app.

Lake Monduran survey reels in fish stocks

The Lake Monduran Anglers and Stocking Association survey app reports data for crucial fish stocking programs.

Local tradie develops pay-later finance app

Bundaberg plumber Matt Brennan has launched TradeNow to see tradies paid sooner and offer payment plans to customers.

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