Take a virtual leap into new technology at Bundaberg Library

Virtual Reality technology can take you anywhere in the world and it is now available at Bundaberg Regional Libraries.

Did you know you can walk a plank at the top of the highest skyscraper without ever leaving the ground?

Or how about rocking out to the beat of your favourite tune on an invisible drum set?

Virtual Reality (VR) technology has just been introduced to Bundaberg Regional Libraries, offering residents a chance to experience the impossible.

Community and Cultural Services portfolio spokesperson Cr Judy Peters said the technology provided a different perspective through the use of a specialised VR headset and computer software.

“By simply placing on a pair of goggles you have the ability to view digital objects and multidimensional spaces while interacting with them,” Cr Peters said.

“This technology is truly amazing and is something everyone can try.

“The benefits of VR include expanding the imagination, allowing experimentation, helping to overcome fears, improving co-ordination and more.”

Cr Peters said the VR software was part of the Digital Health Literacy Program designed to introduce people to current and emerging technologies used in the medical industry – but that was not its limit.

“There is also an art program that can be used for therapy and Google Earth VR which allows the user to travel anywhere in the world,” Cr Peters said.

“Beat Saber is a music program which can improve coordination and there is Richie’s Plank Experience which will certainly put any fear of heights to the test.”

Cr Peters said new programs were being released frequently.

“As a library we act as an information hub for our community and part of that is a responsibility to introduce the community to new technologies,” Cr Peters said.

“Often libraries are the first point of exposure to new technologies for many people and this is a role that Bundaberg Regional Libraries is certainly embracing.”

The next virtual reality sessions at the Bundaberg Library include:

  • Organon 3D VR ( anatomy program) on Thursday, 14 of February 9.30am
  • Relaxing with VR on Thursday, March 7 at 9.30am
  • Overcoming phobias with VR on Thursday, March 21 at 9.30am

*The VR kits are not designed for use by children so participants will need to be over 13 years old.